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Parole & Probation is an opportunity to advance — and give back

Shaun Rutherford at Fullerton Elementary

TOWSON, MD —¬†Shaun Rutherford has only been in Parole and Probation for a few short years. But from day one in the academy, the director of the division knew he was going to be a leader. The director was right.

Today, Rutherford is a Field Supervisor II in charge of two busy field offices in Anne Arundel County. He’s a close partner to law enforcement, schools, and the court system. And he’s an advocate for getting involved in the community outside of the office.

Recently Rutherford¬†headed out to Fullerton Elementary in Baltimore County where he talked to kids about safety, making good choices, and following the rules. He even let the students try on a Parole and Probation agent’s protective vest.

Shaun Rutherford strongly recommends Parole and Probation to anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of people who have made poor choices and are trying to get back on their feet again. He’s living proof that a good agent can advance very quickly.

If you’re interested in joining the Parole and Probation team, contact the Division at 410-585-3060. You’ll need a college degree with at least 30 credit hours in criminal justice and the social sciences. And once you make it through the Agent Academy, you can start a fast-rising career like Field Supervisor II Shaun Rutherford.