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Weekly Fishing Report

Another Maryland spring time opening day has arrived and passed, and the fishing will only get better as the season progresses. The opening day of the spring trophy striped bass season was slow because most of the post-spawn fish have yet to exit the spawning rivers. The Maryland landscape is ablaze with flowering plants, bushes  Read the Rest…

Weekly Fishing Report

The Maryland landscape continues to be bathed in warm sunshine with warm temperatures; spring is definitely here and presents some wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. There are few experiences that can match spending time in the outdoors with children.

Weekly Fishing Report

The recent warm weather we’ve been experiencing can really raise some excitement about fishing, and the forecast for the weekend looks good! Trout stocking crews are busy this week and warming waters have many local fish in a very active feeding mood.

Weekly Fishing Report

Spring conditions throughout Maryland are presenting wonderful fishing opportunities as water temperatures steadily warm up and all manner of fish become more active. Except for some low-flow conditions in a few areas, the opening day of the traditional trout season was a big success with beautiful weather and plenty of trout.

Weekly Fishing Report

This coming Saturday will be an exciting day for put and take trout fishermen throughout the state as closure 1 and 2 trout management waters open up for what can be considered the traditional opening day of Maryland’s trout season. This is a wonderful time to gather up the family or neighborhood kids for a rite  Read the Rest…

Mid-Winter Fishing Report

February tends to be a tough month for playing outdoors. Most hunting seasons are closed, and it is a little bit early for comfortable fishing. Fortunately, the trout production program and the many fisheries biologists that stock the trout have given fishermen a chance to enjoy good trout fishing in the put and take trout  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing and Crabbing Guide Set for February Release

Expanded Guide Provides Year-Round Information The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will release its comprehensive 2017-18 Maryland Fishing & Crabbing Guide Feb. 15. The guide is the go-to reference for all questions on recreational fishing and crabbing in the state, providing a summary of seasons, license information, size and creel limits, and more.

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