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State Record Blueline Tilefish Caught

Robert Purcell of Bishopville caught a Maryland record 20-pound blueline tilefish, on September 12, about 75 miles southeast of Ocean City.

“We had a slow morning fishing over the Norfolk Canyon for white marlin and decided to switch to bottom fishing,” said Purcell.  “I rigged a strip of skipjack tuna for bait and dropped it about 450 feet to the bottom.”

It was this combination that landed him the record fish. Read more »


State Record Sheepshead Caught

Dan Thomas displaying his record 13-pound, 5-ounce sheephead.

Dan Thomas of Delmar caught a new Maryland record 13 pound, five ounce sheepshead fish on September 16 in Hoopers Straight, north of Bloodsworth Island. He hooked the record catch while competing in the Westside Outcaster’s Open, a tournament to benefit the Bivalve Volunteer Fire Company. Read more »


Down Year for Striped Bass Reproduction

Biologists attribute the drop to weather conditions

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the 2012 striped bass juvenile index – a measure of striped bass spawning success in Chesapeake Bay – is below the long-term average this year.

“While we expect large variation in striped bass reproduction from year to year and do not view this low value as an imminent problem, we will be carefully monitoring the results of future surveys,” said DNR Fisheries Director Tom O’Connell. “Three consecutive years of poor reproduction would be necessary to trigger mandatory conservation measures.” Read more »


WANTED: Diamond Jim

Last weekend to catch the outlaw fish!

Annapolis, Md. (August 31, 2012) ─
  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is putting out an all-points bulletin for the elusive Diamond Jim striped bass, easily recognized by its DNR tag. DNR recommends corralling a posse, heading out on the water and finding that fish! Caution is advised—Diamond Jim was last seen swimming with a gang of as many as 400 tagged stripers called imposters, each worth $500 a piece. The elusive Diamond Jim and his buddies are wanted for escaping during the 2012 Maryland Fishing Challenge. This is the last weekend to catch the wanted fish.

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