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Majority of Marylanders Want Government Action on Climate Change Preparedness According to New Survey

A survey released today by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources indicates 73 percent of Marylanders want their state and local governments to take actions to protect their communities against the impacts of climate change, and more than half (55 percent) believe protecting coastal areas from sea-level rise should be a high or very high priority  Read the Rest…

Governor O’Malley Signs Bills to Prepare for Impacts of Climate Change and Extreme Weather

Governor Martin O’Malley yesterday signed into law two pieces of legislation that will help the State prepare for the impacts of climate change and extreme weather in Maryland. The first, the Bay Acidification Bill, will create a Task Force to evaluate and address the effects of changing chemistry in the Chesapeake Bay and other Maryland waterways.  Read the Rest…

Maryland Issues New Guidelines for State Construction in Areas Vulnerable to Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise

Maryland’s Climate Change and CoastSmart Construction Working Group has issued its Final Report, intended to guide what, where and how the State builds in areas vulnerable to coastal flooding and future sea level rise.  The report recommends specific siting and design guidelines for State construction projects to protect against the impacts of climate change. 

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