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Weekly Fishing Report: September 20

Many would agree we are entering one of the most beautiful times of the year in Maryland. Mornings are cool and daytime temperatures are inviting for outdoor activities. Where I live crops are being harvested, wildlife is on the move, bait in the tidal rivers is beginning to feel the urge to move out into  Read the Rest…

Weekly Fishing Report: September 13

After being away for two weeks, I’m struck by the changes that are occurring as we drift out of the grasp of summer. We all need to thank Erik Zlokovitz for doing such a great job covering the fishing report and keeping you informed of our fishing opportunities in Maryland while I was away.

Late August 2017 Hypoxia Report

Dissolved oxygen conditions in a portion of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay mainstem were better than average for late August, reports the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The hypoxic water volume (areas with less than 2 mg/l oxygen) in the study area was 0.33 cubic miles, which is much smaller than the late August 1985-2016 average of 0.80 cubic miles for that reduced  Read the Rest…

Clean Marina Tours Offered September 14

Boatyard Operators Can See Successful Water Protection Program in Action The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is offering a free tour of Annapolis-area marinas that participate in the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative, which recognizes and promotes marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs that voluntarily adopt pollution prevention practices.

Weekly Fishing Report: August 23

As the summer vacation time for kids begins to approach the end, I could not help but notice many of them are enjoying more simple things to do with the week or so left before they go back to school. Summer camps and other organized types of children’s activities are winding down, or already over  Read the Rest…

Early August 2017 Hypoxia Report

Dissolved oxygen conditions in Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay mainstem were much better than average for early August, reports the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The hypoxic water volume (areas with less than 2 mg/l oxygen) was 0.91 cubic miles, which is much smaller than the early August 1985-2016 average of 1.31 cubic miles.  Read the Rest…

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