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Maryland Black Bear Lottery Now Open

Hunting Expanded to Include Frederick and Washington Counties The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is now accepting applications for this year’s black bear hunting lottery. Successful applicants will receive a permit valid for the four-day hunting season, taking place Oct. 24-27 in Allegany, Frederick, Garrett and Washington counties. The department will issue 750 hunting permits  Read the Rest…

Black Bears Spotted in Suburban Maryland

Department Urges Residents to Take Commonsense Precautions The Maryland Department of Natural Resources would like to alert citizens that juvenile black bears have been seen wandering through the state’s more suburban areas this spring. There have been recent, confirmed bear sightings in Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties as juvenile bears disperse, or seek  Read the Rest…

Marylanders Urged to Avoid Attracting Bears

Black bears are starting to leave their dens after a long winter slumber and search for food. Since natural foods, such as plants, berries and insects are scarce in the early spring, bears are particularly attracted to human-provided sources. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources reminds Marylanders to be proactive and exercise good judgment to  Read the Rest…

Black Bear Activity Increases in the Fall

Residents Reminded to take Precautions Black bears are beginning a period of increased feeding activity in preparation for winter hibernation. During this time, bears may become more attracted to human-provided food sources and lose their natural fear of people, which can lead to dangerous encounters.

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