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Hunting and Trapping Regulations Proposed

Public Comment Accepted through March 15man helping his son hunt in the woods

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is accepting public comment on the proposed changes to the 2016-2018 hunting and trapping seasons. The department reevaluates the regulations for select resident game species every two years to ensure best management.

“Over the past several months we have presented the proposed changes to stakeholders, including farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and wildlife conservation organizations,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said. “Their input has convinced us to make several significant changes to the proposals. The department will continue to respond to public comment as we complete this extensive outreach effort.”

Participants can view the proposed regulations and comment online. The department is also accepting feedback by phone at 410-260-8540; by fax to 410-260-8596; or in writing to: Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Heritage Service, 580 Taylor Avenue, E-1, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401.

The proposals will be presented and open for comment at the following public meetings:

Annapolis: Wednesday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m.
Annapolis High School, 2700 Riva Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Hagerstown: Monday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m.
South Hagerstown High School, 1101 South Potomac Street, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

Citizens with any questions may contact the Wildlife & Heritage Service at 410-260-8540.

The public comment period will close on March 15.

  • Michelle

    Trapping should be against the law. Everyone knows it causes excruciating and immense pain and suffering for any animal that is trapped. Three million to 5 million animals are trapped in the U.S. each year by commercial fur trappers. NOBODY NEEDS FUR! Trapped animals are most frequently clubbed or suffocated to death, as bullet holes and blood stains reduce the pelt’s value – HOW do you defend that?
    Through a comprehensive review of scientific literature that trapped animals may suffer severe physical injury, psychological trauma, thirst, hypothermia, and predation. They may remain in traps for days or longer before dying or being killed — often by bludgeoning so as not to damage the animal’s valuable pelt.

    The American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, the World Veterinary Association, and the National Animal Control Association have declared that leghold traps are inhumane.

    Millions of “non-target” animals are also trapped, including dogs and cats AND endangered or threatened species.

    • Bryan Bateman

      All false information

  • Allen Forrest

    need more and bigger bow only areas. KILL MORE COYOTES . 1 week bear season lottery only from Fredrick county to saint pals road. from saint pals road west to garret county 1 week 1 bear per license. less Sunday deer hunting they get run ragged on public land they need a day to rest. lower deer bag limits make region a deer bag limits for all of state. Maryland deer herds are suffering between rifle hunters,bear,coyotes,and cars its not good promote qdm.s [quality deer management] on state land and with property owners. in a nut shell lower deer limits in region b less rifle more bow and bow only. thank you for allowing me to comment on the issues i feel as a Maryland sportsman

  • Steve

    (Private Land Owner) I think all Sundays during bow season should be allowed. In the winter months I can only hunt weekends because of it getting dark early and working Mon thru Fri. The deer are also harder to get after getting run down and scared after rifle season. I think there should be a antler restrictions, period….not 2 of this size and then a bigger one as it stats now. I think decreasing the amount of doe killed should change…(Region B) or break down Regions into counties and set specific limits for each. I also wouldn’t care if all counties that allow rifle went to shotgun only…I would adapt as needed. Thanks for the opportunity to list my thoughts. I would like better hunting for future hunters.

  • Jay Blaze

    When is the DNR going to address the pollution, erosion, and nutrient runoff caused by non-natural swelling deer populations that are destroying our fragile Chesapeake bay?

  • ray

    provide more access to public lands for small game hunters. far too many properties are designated for “deer hunting only” “waterfowl hunting only” why are there no “small game hunting only” lands? Even the lands that we can share, cannot really be hunted safely for small game during the firearms & muzzleloaders season, so small game hunters lose 4 or 5 weeks of our season. Small game hunters also have to subtract lands that allow trapping so that our dogs do not become injured, I am not against trapping at all, but this is just one more thing that eliminates small game hunters from public lands. also, the DRN should not be leasing property to hunt clubs, another loss of public land, why not designate some of the leased lands as “Small Game Hunting Only”