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Natural Resources Police Blotter

A Washington County man was charged Tuesday with illegal use of public lands by the Maryland Natural Resources Police.Maryland Natural Resource Police logo

Kenneth Wayne Pridemore, 53, of Smithsburg, received citations for cutting down a tree, having a tree stand on park property and driving in a non-designated area. He received warnings for theft of under $500, hunting in a non-designated area and gathering firewood in a state park without a permit.

Earlier this month, staff at Greenbrier State Park reported finding illegal tree stands near Barth Spring Lane and Hippin Hill Road. Days later, an officer on patrol noticed a tractor pulling a log down a lane from state property. The driver, Pridemore, said he didn’t know who owned the property and acknowledged ownership of the tree stand near where he cut down the tree.

After consulting with park staff, the officer filed the charges.

The case has not been scheduled for Washington District Court. If convicted of all three offenses, Pridemore could face a maximum fine of $1,500.