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Proposed Late Waterfowl Hunting Seasons Open to Comment

The proposed 2014-2015 late waterfowl hunting seasons and bag limits are now available. DNR will accept public comment on the proposed regulations through August 19, to be finalized in early September after DNR reviews citizens input and obtains approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The proposed youth waterfowl hunting days are November 1 and February 7. These special youth hunting days are part of a national effort by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and state wildlife agencies to increase participation in the rich tradition of waterfowl hunting.

The proposed regular duck season opener would run October 11 through 18. The second and third split seasons would be November 8 through 28, and December 16 through January 24.

The proposed Atlantic Population (migrant) Canada goose season is split into two parts, November 22 through 28, and December 16 through February 4. 

DNR will host a public meeting to review this year’s waterfowl population status and to collect comments on the proposed hunting seasons at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 18 at Chesapeake College, 1000 College Circle, Wye Mills, MD 21679. The meeting will be held in Room 110 in the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center (building 14 on the Campus Map).

Citizens who are unable to attend the meeting may comment on the proposed season dates and bag limits online; by phone at 410-260-8540; by fax at 410-260-8596; or in writing to: Director, Wildlife and Heritage Service, 580 Taylor Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. The public comment period on the proposed regulations will close at 12 p.m. on August 19, 2014.

  • Kory Briggs

    I support extending the proposed season for waterfowl. As an avid hunter and resident with a full time job, I appreciate any proposed regulations that may allow me to utilize more days with my family and friends in the field or in the woods alike.

  • Jay Dubb

    I support DNR digging the old paperwork out of the bottom of the desk drawer and muscle up an effort for a swan season like VA and NC

  • William Sutton III

    I fully support the proposed changes to the 2014-2015 AP Canada goose season dates. This will allow hunters and outdoorsman be more successful in their time spent in the field.

  • John Littleton

    Would like 2 weeks in Nov foe AP geese

  • Kenneth Eng

    I propose that the Canada goose season, both resident and migrant, be extended, or increase the bag limit. From where I stand, there are too many Canada Geese. Canada Geese are in such great numbers that they are a nuisance.

    Or include the Canada Geese in the Light Goose Conservation season.

  • Jerry a

    Allow Sunday hunting for waterfowl. Im sure over 95% of hunters would agree with me that we (the working man) get maybe 8 to 9 hunting days we can utilize for the sport we love. If letting the waterfowl rest a day is your reason, use Tuesday or Wednesday be a day for them to rest. Im sure we can figure it out. Its frustrating paying all this money for a license and have to sit around the house Sunday when I could be on the water.

  • Charles Rice

    I would encourage having a 2 bird bag limit for canvasback, even if it was only for the last 2 weeks of January and limited to drakes only. Last year’s 2 bird limit for canvasback added to the season’s success and was responsible for getting more people interested in Maryland waterfowl hunting.

  • jim

    increase the bag limit on Canada geese

  • Rob Goebel

    The only thing I do not like is the November Goose season being 1 week instead of 2 as it has always been, or close too.