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DNR Secretary Issues Statement on Michael Luisi’s Receipt of the ASMFC Award of Excellence

Mike Luisi, Center

DNR Secretary Joseph Gill issued the following statement upon learning of Michael Luisi’s receipt of the ASMFC Award of Excellence:

“On behalf the Department of Natural Resources– and all who enjoy and appreciate Maryland’s diverse fisheries – I congratulate Mike Luisi on his receipt of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Award of Excellence and thank him for a job well done. As Director of DNR’s Estuarine and Marine Fisheries Division, Mike’s exemplary work on behalf of Maryland’s summer flounder and black sea bass helped create sound management guidelines and policies for these important species. It is truly rewarding to see Mike’s colleagues  at both the State and Federal level recognize his countless hours of hard work, including collaboration with a multitude of stakeholders to account for varying interests. This recognition is well-deserved and much appreciated.”

To view ASMFC press release on the award winners, visit