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100 Trees Donated to New Germany State Park

Planting staff and volunteers

Savage River Watershed Association helps replace trees lost to Hurricane Sandy

Savage River Watershed Association donated more than 100 red spruce trees to New Germany State Park to replace some of the many hemlocks lost during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The trees were planted along the banks of Poplar Lick Run, a native Brook Trout stream that flows from New Germany Lake to Savage River. 

“New Germany was one of many areas that sustained extensive damages during Hurricane Sandy,” said Park Manager Erin Thomas. “We’re very grateful for the support of the Association’s volunteers who understand the importance of protecting and restoring this valuable habitat.”

Brook Trout are Maryland’s only native freshwater trout species and require relatively pristine conditions for survival. They typically cannot survive when water temperatures exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that maintaining tree cover along the stream plays an important role in supporting a healthy Brook Trout population.

The Maryland Conservation Corps crew stationed at New Germany assisted with the tree planting, along with volunteers from the Savage River Watershed Association and the Frostburg State University Creative Writing Center.

Pictured, from left : Terry Bachman (SRWA), Luke Mongrain (New Germany State Park), Kenny Braitman (SRWA), Kathy and Olivia Koscianski (SRWA), Joe and Carol McDaniel (SRWA), Jerri Dell (FSU Creative Writing Center and SRWA), Kathryn Joerger (MCC), Erin Thomas (New Germany State Park), Grace Crawford (MCC), John Harvey (MCC), Martin Greenberg (MCC), and Matt Tillett (MCC).  

Not pictured:  Frank Fotia (SRWA) and Wade Dorsey (Savage River State Forest).