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NRP Blotter

Natural Resources Police LogoThe Maryland Natural Resources Police recently issued numerous citations for violations on the Eastern Shore, and in Southern and Western Maryland.

St. Mary’s County ─ On March 10, Thomas Wayne Fletcher Jr., 37, of Rock Hall was issued one citation for possession of 325 undersized yellow perch, and warnings for having six oversized yellow perch and improperly tagged yellow perch.

Maryland court records show the waterman has been found guilty of numerous natural resources violations, including possession of undersized oysters, crabs and flounder.

He is scheduled to appear in St. Mary’s District Court on May 1.

Somerset County ─ Two watermen already charged with illegal oystering in a protected area in Somerset County were charged Wednesday with attempting to move the buoy that marks the boundary to increase the legal harvest area.

Three officers on patrol before daybreak at the Evans Oyster Harvest Reserve Area near the mouth of the Wicomico River, watched as a vessel circled the buoy at the northwest corner of the protected area. The boat latched onto the buoy and moved it 60 feet to give them more oyster bar to work.

Harvey Thomas Bowers, 49, of Chestertown, and George Albert Lee, 45, of Dominion, received citations for interference with a State buoy. On March 5, NRP charged the men with harvesting oysters from the Evans reserve and failing to tag them before leaving the oyster bar.

They are scheduled to appear on all charges in Somerset District Court on June 10.

Also in Somerset County, officers patrolling the waters Tuesday saw two watermen patent tonging in the Evans Reserve, which is closed until March 24.

They issued citations to the captain, John Gregory Cox, 60, and Kendall Earl Sneade Jr., 20, both of Crisfield. Fourteen bushels of oysters were returned to the Reserve.

The watermen are scheduled to appear in Somerset District Court on May 13.

Dorchester County ─ Officers on routine patrol Tuesday charged a local waterman with dredging oysters after legal hours.

William Melvin Ozman, 53, of Crapo, was seen harvesting in the Tangier Sound Middle Ground nearly 30 minutes after the 3 p.m. quitting time.

He is scheduled to appear in Wicomico District Court on May 6.

Frederick County ─ On March 7, officers acting on a tip confiscated a deer and charged Ryan Timothy Ross, 30, of Sabillasville in Frederick County with possession of a deer in a closed season.

Ross told officers he shot the deer but thought it was a coyote. The deer was donated to a charitable program.