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DNR Announces Public Meetings for Hunting Regulation Changes

jr turkey (2)The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will hold two public meetings to solicit comments on proposed hunting and trapping regulations for the State’s resident game species and selected migratory game birds for 2014-15 and 2015-16. DNR’s Wildlife and Heritage Service reevaluates the regulations for these game species every two years.  

Citizens may comment at one of the meetings listed below or, once the proposals are announced in early March, by email, letter, fax, phone and an online forum that will be available on the DNR website. Details on how to comment will be provided along with the proposed regulation changes announcement. Finalized seasons and bag limits will be announced in early April.

DNR will present the proposed regulations at the following meetings:

Tuesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills: Chesapeake College is located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore off of Route 50 at 1000 College Circle, Wye Mills, 21679. The meeting will be held in the Cadby Theatre (Room H-103) located in the Kent Humanities Building (building No 3 on the Campus Map).

Thursday, March 6 at 7 p.m. at Mountain Ridge High School in Frostburg: Mountain Ridge High School is located at 100 Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick Lane in Frostburg. From I-68, take exit 34. Head North on Rt. 36 for 1.4 miles.  At the second traffic light, turn left onto Main Street, Route 40, and then left onto Rt. 36 South. Travel approximately 100 to 150 feet, and turn right into the school parking lot. The meeting will be held in the cafeteria.

Citizens with any questions may contact the Wildlife & Heritage Service at 410-260-8540.

Keep up to date with DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service on Facebook and Twitter @MDDNRWildlife.

  • Will

    I disagree with the proposed antler restrictions

  • adam sultenfuss

    cut half of the early goose, tack it on the end and allow us to hunt until the first week of February. Also allow all ducks to end the same time as goose, either cut out the super early teal season or start the October season later.

  • Craig Thompson

    Make the Sika bag three per season of which only two may be stags and no more then two hinds .

  • I do not believe that we need to implement an ARP for Maryland bucks.
    The current limit for bucks is fine and the herd supports it and the ARP will not have any positive impact or improve the herd dynamic in any way.
    This is merely a political move by the hunting elite who have antler fever and want to impose their ideology on the entire hunting public.

  • Malinda knapp

    I live an hunt in wv an attend Garrett county deer management events, an see the results. This would be great if md would adopt state wide qdm principals. It seems to me tho two of the three bucks with a apr would be better. Or, why not reduce the buck limit to two an have one of the two bucks with a apr. I have often considered buying a out of state liceance because of all the public land. This indeed may be the deciding factor for me.

  • James M. Granahan

    I am totally opposed to this new regulation. I hunt totally for the meat and often bypass a large buck for a smaller one. The meat is far superior. We have enough regulations in Maryland.

  • Thomas Leach

    I’m all for the antler restriction it’s about time we do something to protect our yearling bucks personally I would like to see 2 bucks for the season also don’t start the deer season til October 1st an allow Sundays all season an make the whole state shotgun only with only a week long firearm season that’s what I would like to see if this was a perfect world

  • William Voigt

    It would be best to move the goose season to the end of Feb. Cut off the early part of the season. During that time continue the domestic season to the end of October with a week break in the middle. Domestics need to be reduced.
    NO to BUCK APR.

  • Edgar Russell

    I also hunt only for meat. Unless bucks are all that are available, I’d much rather harvest does. Family of 5 venison eaters. You can’t eat antlers, and buck quarters have to hang a lot longer. I disagree on shortening the shotgun season. I keep seeing reports that deer are at “infestation” levels in Maryland counties. 2 weeks and 2 days is NOT long enough, especially in counties that have the highest deer population problem (i.e. Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, etc.). Why not EXPAND the season. And add Sundays. I work for a living. The expanded time would eliminate extra time that I would need to take off from work. I’m a Sr. Linux/UNIX systems engineer…so…time off is hard to come by.

  • mike schoolman

    I’m all for extending the waterfowl season Duck/Goose into Feb and cutting out the early goose season. and then open the goose bag limit the last two weeks to 3 per person seems the ducks and geese get here after the season? how come no waterfowl hunting on Sundays?

  • Robert Furl

    Don’t go by the example set by your neighboring state of PA. We do have some larger racks but way, way, way, fewer deer than we used to. I am all for PA getting back to the old management progrm and more than willing to harvest a spike. It sure would be better than hunting all of the PA rifle season and not seeing one deer. This is not just me it is everyone in our area. This area used to be a mecca. Lots of camps here. Revenue was brought in. Traditions were forged. Now most of the camps remain empty during hunting season and those that aren’t empty consist of a few die hards. AR isn’t all bad but herd reduction was and still is taken to the extreme here. Some WMU’s shouldn’t even have a doe season and most hunters agree but doe allocations continue. In our current state the only people who are satisfied are private landowners with large tracts of land. It has really ruined the hunting tradition here in PA.