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Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement Open for Public Comment

Photo by Ink Byers

The draft of the new Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement has been released for public comment. The draft Agreement outlines a new plan for collaboration across the Bay’s political boundaries and clarifies the Bay Program’s vision and values. It establishes a series of interrelated goals and outcomes that will achieve results to protect and restore the Bay, its tributaries and the lands that surround them, as well as the health of the more than 17 million people who live here.

“Healthy, sustainable fisheries, plentiful habitats for wildlife, conservation efforts and citizen actions that support clean water and clean air—this is how we create a healthy Bay,” said Bay Program Principals’ Staff Committee Chair and Maryland Department of Natural Resources Secretary Joe Gill.  “Connecting our citizens to these resources through public access and environmental education completes the picture, instilling the personal sense of ownership key to our progress.”

The State of Maryland values stakeholder input: individual citizens, private businesses, watershed groups and local governments are key partners in the attainment of our restoration goals.  Partners received input on an abridged draft of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement last summer, and welcome comments on this draft between now and March 17, 2014. To review the plan and provide feedback, click here.