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December 31, 2013

NRP Blotter

by kking

Natural Resources Police LogoMaryland Natural Resources Police arrested a Pennsylvania man and CecilCounty resident on charges of violating state hunting laws.

Carroll County—A joint investigation with Pennsylvania game officials led to the arrest last Thursday, December 26, of Brian Kelley Stitely, 22, of Fairfield, Pa. for multiple hunting violations.

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Game Commission alerted NRP that Stitely had reported killing a nine-point buck in Maryland on Nov. 30, but officers believed it was illegally taken in Pennsylvania.

During his investigation, a Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officer discovered a 10-point buck that Stitely claimed to have killed with a bow on Nov. 10 on a family member’s property in Tawneytown in CarrollCounty. He said he killed a nine-point buck in Fairfield, Pa., but claimed he killed it in Maryland for bragging rights.

An NRP officer checked Stitely’s harvest report and discovered that he had not checked in a deer this season.

The NRP officer met last Thursday with Stitely, who provided a written statement that he did not have a hunting license when he killed the 10-point buck on his uncle’s property. Maryland law only exempts a landowner’s spouse, child and child’s spouse from having to obtain a license before hunting on that private property.

Stitely was charged in Maryland with hunting without a nonresident hunting license and for failing to report the kill within 24 hours. The maximum penalty for each of the offenses is $1,500. The Pennsylvania Game Commission seized both sets of antlers for evidence and filed separate charges involving the illegally killed nine-point buck.

Stitely is scheduled to appear on April 4 in Carroll District Court in Westminster. He faces a maximum penalty of $3,000.

Cecil County—An Earleville man was charged with illegal hunting with bait on Dec. 27.

Richard Henry Lindsay, 37, was cited for hunting wild waterfowl with aid of bait at a farm on Christopher Road in Warwick. An NRP officer found corn and wheat near the leased lane on which Lindsay was hunting.

He is scheduled to appear on March 14 in Cecil District Court in Elkton. The maximum penalty is a $4,000 fine and/or one year in jail.

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