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Natural Resources Police LogoThe Maryland Natural Resources Police Thursday charged a Frostburg man with multiple hunting violations after a citizen complaint.

Devon Lee Platter, 18, received citations for hunting/possessing deer during a closed season and hunting wildlife within the 150-yard safety zone. Platter also received five warnings for: failing to field tag deer, shooting across a paved roadway, failing to report a kill, possessing untagged deer parts, and removing head and hide before check in.

An officer responded to a complaint about illegal hunting at the residence but found no one home. He followed a blood trail leading from the front of the house, across the road and into the woods.

The officer tracked down the residents, and Platter admitted in writing that he killed the deer out of season. The officer seized the antlerless deer.

If convicted in Allegany District Court, Platter could be fined $950.