Muzzleloader Deer Season to Reopen December 21
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Muzzleloader Deer Season to Reopen December 21

Deer in a field of high grassThe second portion of Maryland’s muzzleloader deer season begins on Saturday, December 21 and runs through January 4, 2014. Hunters who possess a valid hunting license and a Muzzleloader Stamp, or are exempt from the Maryland hunting license requirements, may use muzzleloading firearms to hunt white-tailed and sika deer during this season.

The bag limits for the entire muzzleloader deer season are:

  • One antlered white-tailed deer statewide; and
  • In Region A, one antlerless deer between January 2 and January 4, 2014 on private land, or one antlerless deer on January 4, 2014 on public land,
  • In Region B, ten antlerless white-tailed deer.
  • One bonus antlered white-tailed deer may be taken per year in Region B during the weapon season of the hunter’s choice (archery, muzzleloader, or firearm). A hunter must first take two antlerless white-tailed deer during any season in Region B and purchase a Bonus Antlered Deer Stamp before taking a second antlered deer.
  • Two sika deer, no more than one antlered.

New This Year, deer muzzleloader season is open on Sunday, December 22 and Sunday, December 29, 2013 in Carroll County on private lands only.

For complete bag limits, season dates, deer registration procedures and hunting regulations click here or refer to the 2013-14 Maryland Guide to Hunting and Trapping.

Hunters should carefully inspect all treestands and always wear a full-body safety harness while climbing in or out and while in the stand. DNR strongly recommends using a sliding knot, commonly known as a prussic knot, attached to a line that is secured above the stand that allows the hunter to be safely tethered to the tree as soon as they leave the ground.  Hunters are urged to take the treestand safety test and view the treestand tips and safety video.

Deer hunters are encouraged to donate any extra deer they may harvest to the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry program. The deer are processed at participating butchers free of charge and the venison is then given to local food banks.

Hunters with any questions may contact DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service at 410-260-8540.

Keep up to date with DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service on Facebook and Twitter @MDDNRWildlife.