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Natural Resources Police LogoThe Maryland Natural Resources Police Tuesday charged two Allegany County men with multiple natural resources violations.

Gary Bernard Seib, 57, of Midland was issued two citations for possession of deer during closed season, and a total of five warnings for failure to tag deer, failure to report harvest and possession of untagged deer parts.

Jason Bernard Seib, 36, of Midland received citations for hunting without a license, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a List C reptile species ─ a timber rattlesnake skin ─ without a permit.

Acting on a tip concerning illegal hunting, an officer went to the home the two men share. The younger Seib said his father had shot a buck from his kitchen window and hung it in the garage. The son acknowledged shooting a raccoon and the father admitted to shooting a doe from the kitchen window days earlier.

Neither of the men had a hunting license and both were prohibited from possessing firearms due to prior court actions.

A search of the home, garage and yard failed to turn up any firearms. But officers found an antlerless deer, a button buck, the remains of the raccoon and the rattlesnake, and drug paraphernalia.

The men are scheduled to appear in Allegany District Court on February 27. Gary Seib faces fines totaling $1,000 and Jason Seib could be fined up to $1,305, if found guilty.