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Natural Resources Police LogoMaryland Natural Resources Police charged an Oakland man earlier this month with multiple hunting infractions that occurred on State land in Garrett County during bow season.

Allen Edgar Butt, 60, was cited for hunting over bait on public land and hunting with a permanent stand in Savage River State Forest. He also received a warning for damaging trees to clear a shooting lane.

An officer on patrol on November 6 saw fresh tire tracks in a small pull-off area and noticed the remnants of a fresh deer gut pile. The stomach contents contained corn.

The officer found bait and a tree stand on top of the ridge directly behind the pull-off. The stand was locked to a pine and surrounded by more than five scattered piles of shelled corn, half of a bait block, and a salt lick nestled in a log.

A pine tree was shorn of limbs to make footholds and several saplings were cut to clear a shooting lane.

The officer kept the site under surveillance and caught the hunter five days later shortly after sunrise.

The maximum fine for the two violations is $525.