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DNR Welcomes Public Input for Proposed Regulations on Wildlife Management Areas

Old Bohemia WMA

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is currently seeking public input on proposed regulations that govern the use of Maryland’s Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). Many of these proposals are administrative in nature, such as updating acreage and outdated regulations, and adding newly acquired properties. 

DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service currently oversees the management of 48 WMAs, ranging in size from 20 acres to 29,000 acres. The WMA system encompasses more than 112,000 acres, with properties located in 18 of Maryland’s 23 counties. WMAs are primarily managed for hunting, trapping and other wildlife-dependent recreational uses.

View the proposed regulations here.

DNR is accepting comments online, by email to, or by mail to: Karina Stonesifer, DNR Wildlife & Heritage Service, 3 Pershing St. Room 100, Cumberland, MD 21502. Public input will be accepted through December 3, 2013.

Keep up to date with DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service on Facebook and Twitter @MDDNRWildlife.

  • Adam Miller

    I agree with and support #29 & #31 of the proposed regulations. As well as any regulations that would add hunting opportunities and/or enhance those experiences.

    #29- My daughter and I hunt Frederick Watershed and I also have received written permission for the past two seasons to hunt fur bearers at night. It is obvious from litter, fire pits, carcasses and just the overall condition of some areas that the property is being misused and probably poached.

    I would also recommend restrictions to hiking and biking access during deer seasons. I’ve had several deer spooked by bikers during bow season but during firearms season it’s more a matter of safety.

    #31- Geocaching has interrupted several of my turkey hunts and seems to be a growing problem. This pastime needs to be restricted to the times of year that there is no hunting season. From their attitude in the woods to a few bumper stickers I’ve seen, I believe them to be anti-hunting. Besides the obvious safety concerns, I believe the two groups should be kept separate as much as possible.

    I understand that we all should have the same right to use these properties and many of my opinions put hunting before other uses but I believe it’s only fair and adds safety. There’s plenty of time in the summer months when there are no hunters to hike, bike and geocache also, Sundays throughout the year. Private hunting lands are few and far between so, the condition of public hunting lands is vital to future generations of hunters. I myself get discouraged hunting public land when irresponsible hunters or non hunters ruin a hunt I’ve been looking forward to. Not to mention the time and money it takes to get into the woods to hunt- licenses, stamps, rifles, shotguns, bows, gear etc. Hunting provides revenue, taxes and fees paid directly to the Dnr which pays for the upkeep of these properties.

    How much money does the DNR take in from geocaching?

    Thank you
    Adam Miller

  • George martin

    I agree with Adam Miller that we the hunters dish out a lot of money and have little say! lets start charging these other groups a fee and lets see what happens. thank you George Martin.

  • Chris Walker

    With respect to proposed changes listed in #27 I SUPPORT the proposed changes to ALLOW breech loading rifles and pistols not exceeding .25 caliber.

    Chris Walker

  • William Crim

    In reference to #27 I support the use of breach loading rifles/pistols 25 caliber or smaller….Bill Crim

  • Chris S

    I support proposal of allowing breech loading rifles/pistols that will afford me more hunting opportunity to hunt McKee Beshers.

  • Ed Hall

    I also strongly support # 27!