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Easement Preserves 95 Acres in Anne Arundel County

Owner of Colony Cove, LLC, S. Hamilton Chaney Stands in front of the 95-acre easement

Owner of Colony Cove, LLC, S. Hamilton Chaney stands in front of the 95-acre easement

More than 673 contiguous acres now permanently protected

A conservation easement has forever protected approximately 95 acres of critical habitat along a tributary of Herring Bay in southern Anne Arundel County. This area is home to vast woodlands and wetlands that provide habitat for a variety of rare birds, as well as beautiful views along the Roots and Tides Scenic Byway.

This area has earned an “Excellent” rating in the Maryland Green Infrastructure Evaluation Report, which works to identify those undeveloped lands most critical to the State’s long-term ecological health. Including its neighboring easements, the addition of this property has helped create a 673-acre preserve ─ one of the largest tracks of contiguous land protected by conservation easements in southern Anne Arundel County.

“We are delighted to be the long-term steward of this conservation easement, which is a critical piece of what is now a 673-acre block of protected land,” said Elizabeth Buxton, director, Maryland Environmental Trust. “This land, which will never be developed, is incredibly important in the permanent protection of scenic resources, wildlife habitat and water quality.”

The Maryland Environmental Trust (MET), Scenic River Land Trust, Maryland Historic Trust, and Colony Cove, LLC, owned by conservationist S. Hamilton Chaney, worked together to permanently protect the property through a joint easement. Chaney is also the current owner of the Old Colony Cove Farm that includes 312 acres with extensive shoreline on Herring Bay and is protected in perpetuity by an easement also held by MET, the Maryland Historic Trust, and the Scenic River Land Trust, a local nonprofit that serves Anne Arundel county.

MET and the Scenic Rivers Land Trust preserve land through legal agreements called conservation easements that provide landowners an opportunity to retain title to their land while retiring a portion of their development rights and agreeing to permanently protect the conservation values of their property.

The Maryland Environmental Trust was established in 1967 by the Maryland General Assembly as a charitable organization and now serves as the statewide land trust. MET currently holds 1,050 easements totaling over 129,000 acres in Maryland. Governed by a citizen board of trustees, MET is affiliated with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and promotes the permanent protection of land through its Conservation Easement, Stewardship and Land Trust Assistance Programs.

  • Lora Ashley

    There was a lady named Mrs.O’Leary, that owned the majority of the land that is now a preserve… I am glad it is now a preserve, as I lived there, as a child, back in the early 1960’s… I hope to be able to visit there again, as it was the most beloved place to live, and it broke my heart to be moved away at about 8 years old… My heart will always be there, as are all my fondest dreams… there was an artesian well under our stilted beach house, when our house still stood there..It is still beautiful, I see in the photos… please tell me that people are allowed to visit there.. so I might sooth my soul, by seeing once again, as my health is waning…Thank You for preserving this historical beautiful area, of my childhood… The Swans in the winter were amazing there… I remember their calls near the shore… they traveled there in winter..