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DNR Forest Service Awards Top Employees

Forester of the Year, Eberling; Forest Service Director Koehn; Ranger of the Year, Kamp; Forest Service Employee of the Year, Honeczy

Forester of the Year, Eberling; Forest Service Director Koehn; Ranger of the Year, Kamp; Forest Service Employee of the Year, Honeczy

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Service has honored three employees who went above and beyond last year making huge strides in forestry enhancement and conservation. George Eberling, Randy Kamp and Marian Honeczy are the recipients of the DNR Forest Service 2013 Annual Awards.

“I am pleased to acknowledge three of the best employees that the Maryland Forest Service has to offer,” said Director DNR Forest Service Steve Koehn. “They have shown me and their coworkers that they can, and will, continue to take the extra measures needed to perform at the highest level for our State and its citizens.”

  • Forester of the Year, George Eberling: Eberling is the project forester for Washington County where he successfully advanced sustainable management through the preparation of 20 Forest Stewardship Plans on 426 acres. Among his many feats, Eberling assisted the Washington County Division of Environmental Management in successfully applying for and receiving Governor O’Malley’s Stream Restoration Challenge grant. In addition, he successfully coordinated the initial and extended attack response to the 150-acre Hickory Ridge fire, bringing it under control very quickly despite adverse environmental conditions.
  • Ranger of the Year, Randy Kamp: A ranger in Allegany County, Kamp provided outstanding technical service in forest data collection for 22 Forest Stewardship Plans on 2,253 acres, and completed 75 inspections covering more than 5,000 acres. Kamp has also commanded 13 wildfires, developed and implemented 17 controlled burnings, and worked with landowners to implement more than 200 acres of forest improvement projects. He has also worked with Allegany County EMS to coordinate better wildfire response. These are only a few of Kamp’s many 2012 accomplishments.
  • Employee of the Year, Marian Honeczy: In one of her most noted accomplishments, Honeczy, the supervisor for the Urban and Community Forestry Program, successfully advanced several of the program’s high-priority objectives by developing the legislative language included in the HB 706 Omnibus Forestry Bill, which established a landmark, first in the nation policy. She successfully reconstructed the bill’s Reforestation Law, benefitting Maryland’s tree cover, and ensuring helped remove language from the bill that would have exempted stream restoration projects. Honeczy also worked with many other groups to promote and establish best practices. She put together the Baltimore Urban Waters Grant project, represented DNR on the Baltimore region Tree Canopy Workgroup, served as Chair of the Maryland Electric Reliability Tree Trimming Council, and worked with the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration to develop work safety regulations for the tree care industry, to name a few.

Click here to read the memorandum with a more comprehensive list of accomplishments.