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Recreational Projects Throughout Maryland to See Enhancements

Artist rendering of Bladensburg's new playground from

Artist rendering of Bladensburg’s new playground from

Recreational projects in Carroll, Frederick, Kent, Prince George’s and Wicomico counties will soon receive funding for necessary upgrades and additions through Program Open Space. Governor Martin O’Malley and the Board of Public Works approved the projects at today’s meeting in Annapolis.

“Program Open Space continues establish and enhance parks and play areas where our children can grow and learn, and we can stay active and spend quality time with family and friends,” said Governor O’Malley.

Carroll County’s town of Mount Airy will receive $6,396 to install seven durable, poly-vinyl coated, steel picnic tables with benches at an existing pavilion at Watkins Park. These new tables will provide safe and adequate seating, and two will be handicap accessible.

Carroll County’s town of Hampstead will receive $88,000 to install new playground equipment and safety surfacing consistent with National Playground Safety Standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act at Leister Park.

Frederick County’s town of Middletown will receive $21,000 to install an additional 1,500 linear feet of trail to the existing walking trail at Remsburg Park. The combined trail system will encircle the multi-purpose fields and provide an exercise circuit for park users.

Kent County’s town of Chestertown will receive $155,000 to construct a new community park at the northwest gateway entrance into the town. Initial development includes a basketball court, grading, excavation, landscaping, pathways and site amenities.

Kent County’s town of Betterton will receive $16,000 to create a new natural play area called “Firefly” at Betterton Memorial Park, so that children can explore and connect with nature. The area will include two manufactured pieces of playground equipment, but will mostly consist of local fallen trees that will be treated for durability and safety. The play equipment will be consistent with National Playground Safety Standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Kent County’s town of Rock Hall will receive $161,000 to renovate the existing basketball and tennis courts at Rock Hall’s Civic Center. Upgrades will include the removal and re-pavement of existing court surfaces; the addition of new goals and nets; and upgraded energy-efficient, minimal light pollution lighting.

Prince George’s County’s town of Bladensburg will receive $121,000 to remove an old, outdated playground and install new equipment and safety surfacing consistent with National Playground Safety Standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act at Bladensburg Recreation Tot Lot.

Wicomico County will receive $32,400 to develop a 100-acre parcel, located just outside of Hebron, into a community park with multiple sports fields and a variety of amenities. This first phase of project development includes engineering, design and site preparation.

Under the leadership of Governor O’Malley, the Board of Public Works has approved funding for 1,224 recreational projects, including Community Parks & Playgrounds, totaling nearly $335 million through local-side Program Open Space since 2007.

Since 1969, Program Open Space has provided funding for the State to preserve 363,906 acres for open space and recreation areas. Of this, 42,901 acres nearly 12 percent ─ has been preserved within the past 6 years under the O’Malley-Brown Administration. Most Maryland residents live within 15 minutes of an open space or recreational area funded by Program Open Space. A video showing the direct benefits of Program Open Space can be viewed here.

The three-member Board of Public Works is comprised of Governor O’Malley (chair), Treasurer Nancy Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot. BPW is authorized by the General Assembly to approve major construction and consultant contracts, equipment purchases, property transactions and other procurement actions.