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Western Marylanders Urged to Be Mindful of Bears

Bears are beginning to leave their dens and prowl for food now that their long winter slumber has come to an end. Since natural foods are scarce in the early spring, they often seek out human-provided sources. Those living in, or visiting bear country can help keep Maryland’s black bears wild by being proactive and exercising good judgment.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urges residents to clean or remove anything outdoors that may smell like food ─

  • Lock garbage in a bear-proof trash container, or keep it inside a building until the day of pick-up;
  • Rinse trash containers with ammonia to eliminate food odors;
  • Store outdoor grills inside or keep them clean of food residue; and
  • Remove birdfeeders from April through November, as the scent attracts them –There are many wild food sources for birds during this time period.

For more information on living and camping around bears click here or call the Western Region DNR Service Center at 301-777-2136.