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Elk Neck State Forest Gun Ranges to Close Mondays in March

3-26-13  Update: All ranges are open

Elk Neck State Forest staff will be closing the rifle and shotgun ranges on Mondays in March (March 4, 11, 18 and 25) for routine repairs to the ranges’ safety baffles. The pistol range is open. The ranges may open sooner if the work is completed ahead of schedule.


Other than the dates listed, all ranges will be open during normally scheduled hours.  Citizens may call the Forest Office  at 410-287-5675 for updates.

Forest staff remind visitors that no rifles or long shotguns are permitted in the pistol range, it is for pistol or revolver shooting only. 


  • J. Martin

    Hello. About the pistol range. Do I need to bring my own free-standing frame to hold my targets? Also, is the cost still $10? It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there. I seem to remember an honor system in place to purchase a permit as well.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help.

    • kking

      Hi J. Martin,
      Yes, you do need to supply your own target stand and the center of the target must be 4 feet off of the ground. Daily permits are $10/day per shooter and are available on the exterior of the office complex through an honor system. More info can be found at:

      Thanks for your inquiry,

      Shawn Day, Forest Ranger
      Elk Neck State Forest

  • mark shores

    I noticed the last time I was at ElkNeck the trap range has only 2 slots, I have a foot operated thrower and cant use it on the hand operated stand, can someone stand off to the side in back of the firing area and use these types of throwers?

    • kking

      Hi Mark,

      You must either use a hand thrower or a thrower that can be bolted onto the mounting posts that we supply. Setting up beside the platforms places you beyond the firing line for the rifle range creating a safety issue. If you set it up behind the platforms, that also creates a safety hazard. It is unfortunate, but space on site does not allow for larger throwers to be used.

      Shawn Day, Forest Ranger
      Elk Neck State Forest