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2012-13 Deer Season Results Are In

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Maryland hunters harvested 87,541 deer during the bow, muzzleloader and firearm seasons combined (September 7, 2012 through January 31, 2013). The harvest shows an 11 percent decline compared to last year’s total of 98,029 deer. Biologists attribute the drop to multiple factors, including reduced hunter participation, an abundant acorn crop that changed deer movements, and a lower deer population in some areas.

“With deer hunters enjoying record harvests over the previous four seasons, the decline did not come as a surprise,” said Brian Eyler, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) deer project leader.

The 2012-2013 statewide harvest includes:

  • 29,366 antlered and 55,763 antlerless white-tailed deer
  • 1,127 antlered and 1,285 antlerless sika deer

The harvest in deer management Region A (Garrett, Allegany, and western Washington counties) declined 16 percent from 10,358 deer last year, to 8,675 deer this year. Region A hunters reported 5,043 antlered and 3,632 antlerless deer.

Deer hunters in Region B (the remainder of the State) harvested 78,866, down 10 percent from last year’s 87,671 deer. The Region B harvest was comprised of 25,450 antlered and 53,416 antlerless deer.

Hunters harvested 6,255 deer on the Sundays open for deer hunting. Archery hunters harvested 1,172 deer on Sundays, while firearm hunters reported 5,083.

Frederick County led the harvest totals this year with 7,634 deer, followed by Baltimore County with 5,991 and Washington County at 5,762. Montgomery County and Carroll County completed the top five counties with 5,598 and 5,579 deer, respectively.

Click here to view the all results by county.

Hunters with any questions may contact DNR’s Wildlife and Heritage Service at 410-260-8540.

  • I agree acorns effected deer movement this year. However, in the Licking Creek area of Washington County, it appears to me that there are fewer deer too. I would vote on decreasing the number of doe allowed to be kill per year. I would recommend 1 per season.

    Dave Zook

    • kking

      Thanks for your input! I have passed along to our Wildlife and Heritage Unit.

      Karis King
      DNR Office of Communications

    • charles crowley

      Iam also seeing less deer in Somerset Co. Is threr a sickness around?

      • kking

        Hi Charles,
        The huge acorn crop this year kept most deer in the woods and not needing for forage for food. It’s when deer are foraging distances that we see most of them.

        Patricia Handy (Allen)
        DNR Wildlife and Heritage
        Information & Education Program Manager

  • Mike Klein

    Is there any estimate on the number of deer killed by motor vehicles. In my part of Southern Prince George’s County there seems to be about one carcass per mile through the year, extrapolated by the total number of country miles it maybe a substantial number of deer taken out of the population.

    Thank You,


    • kking

      There are an estimated 34,000 deer-vehicle collisions in Maryland each year.

      Brian Eyler
      Deer Project Leader

  • Gerald Staples

    I don’t know but up here in almost Maryland (Cumberland) there is for sure less bucks than in years pass. there needs to be limits on both buck and does and some QDMA areas on DNR Lands.

  • Bill Whitmore

    I live north of the Loch Raven Res and and have been seeing large herds of deer (again) in the vicinity. 20 to 30 near Towson Golf & CC… 13 near Boordy Vin… about 20 just off Williams Rd above Valley View farms and 9 – 11 in my back yard.

  • Bill Eberius

    In years past this report seemed to have a lot more detail with break downs by bow, muzzleloader, and firearms by county. It also reported road kill by county. Am I just not seeing the final report here or is it just not being reported to that level of detail any longer?

    • kking

      Hi Bill,
      We are finishing up the annual deer report now. This is the document you most likely are thinking about. It should be up on our webpage within the next several weeks. I will try to remember to email you a pdf of it when it’s complete. Take care.

      Brian Eyler
      DNR Deer Project Leader

  • Shawn Freeman

    There very well may be something on the Md. Hunting site but I’m unable to find it. What was the total number of Deer taken on CWMA lands in 2012-2013? Preferably the Central & Southern Regions. Sorry if I have missed it and am asking the question that already is answered.

    Thank You

  • Rob Mayo

    I live in Charles County, and unlike most of the state, we had a failed acorn crop. In addition to this a have also seen mature bucks dying from blue tongue for the last couple of years. Does seem less susceptible to acquiring the disease, though I have seen fatalities. That being said, we still have a stable population in Southern Maryland. You guys at the DNR office are doing a great job with the limits that you have set in place. I would like to see places like Rock Creek Park, open to limited bow hunting to it’s residents, rather then have deer snipers come in the middle of the night to take a resource from us. Many other parks have managed hunts, so I feel residents should have first option. Sincerely Rob Mayo