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Forest Service Employees Graduate from Warden Training

Forest Warden 2013 Students (2)The State commissioned 25 Maryland Forest Service employees as Forest Wardens on February 7 at a ceremony at Greenbrier State Park in Boonsboro. The students have proven themselves qualified to protect and defend Maryland’s citizens and forest resources through their on-the-job training and completion of the rigorous, one-week course.

“As officers of the court and experts in a host of forestry related matters, these newly minted Forest Wardens stand ready to serve all Marylanders by helping protect our tree and forest resources,” said Maryland Forest Service Director Steven Koehn. “I could not be more proud to be associated with these dedicated men and women and I wish them well in the execution of their assigned duties.”

Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Deputy Secretary Joe Gill, Assistant Secretary Kristin Saunders, State Forester Steven Koehn, and Fire Supervisor Monte Mitchell were on hand to commission the new wardens, taking their oaths and awarding certificates and badges.

The students ─ ranging in length of service from 6 weeks to 26 years ─ attended the daily trainings at the Greenbrier State Park visitor’s center in. Regional Fire Manager, Richard Lillard, led the course while other DNR Forest Service staff, the Washington County State’s Attorney’s office, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Washington County Sheriff’s office provided instruction. The Forest Warden School trains students for real-life scenarios and provides them with the knowhow and authority to work in program areas ranging from State Forest management, wildfire prevention and suppression, urban and community forestry, and forest stewardship.

The training topics included an overview of the Forest Warden Commission and history, introductions to constitutional and criminal law and the Maryland Court system, and Forest Service laws and regulations. The students also learned: interviewing techniques, radio communications, practical exercises, juvenile procedures, emergency driving; and how to identify and handle controlled dangerous substances, testify in the courtroom, issue notice of violations, interact with allied agencies, and complete reports and permits.

Since the founding of the Maryland Forest Service with the 1906 Forestry Conservation Act, Forest Wardens have been charged with education and enforcement of Maryland’s forest protection laws and regulations.

Maryland Forest Service Warden Training Graduates :


  • Anne Hairston-Strang
  • Robert Feldt, Jr.
  • Daniel Rider
  • Timothy Culbreth

Western Region

  • Jesse Morgan
  • Stephen Sliger
  • Danielle Schumerth
  • Dennis Yoder
  • Jason Savage
  • Aaron Cook
  • David Robbins
  • Scott Campbell
  • Nathan Markline
  • Melissa Nash
  • Roger Rounds
  • Noah Rawe

Southern Region

  • Darrick Lowdermilk
  • Rick Long
  • Horace Henry

Central Region

  • James Eierdam
  • Daniel Lewis

Eastern Region                      

  • Lance Carroll
  • Alex Clark
  • Matthew Hurd
  • Mike Schofield