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Marylanders Asked to Provide Recreation Information

Who: Open to the Public

What: Regional Stakeholder Outdoor Recreation Evaluation

When & Where:

  • Eastern Region ─  March 6 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Talbot County Community Recreation Center, 10028 Ocean Gateway (Rt. 50), Easton
  • Central Region ─ June 19 from 6 to 8 p.m.,  Howard County Robinson Nature Center, 6692 Cedar Lane, Columbia
  • Western Region ─  March 5  from 4 to 6 p.m., Allegany College (Room CE8), 12401 Willowbrook Rd, Cumberland

Cost: Free

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking citizens for their input on State outdoor recreation facilities and services in areas throughout Maryland. The Department held a meeting  in Southern Maryland earlier this month but citizens may still provide input on any area at any of the meetings listed.

The recreational evaluations are the first step in a comprehensive statewide effort to enhance existing recreation areas in Maryland, these include; State parks, forests, wildlife areas and trails.

DNR will ask participants to assess the extent to which outdoor recreation facilities, programs and services meet the needs of the community and identify future demand and need.

The public input will help guide the update of the Maryland Land Preservation and Recreation Plan, which will serve as a roadmap for future State outdoor recreation facilities and services.

The Department has hired a nationally-known parks and recreation management consulting firm, GreenPlay, LLC, to oversee the Recreation Component of this planning process.


  • Phil Westcott

    First off a place online to provide comments and feedback would be great. You could open a survey on the DNR website or something along those lines. For the time being I will utilize this comment section.

    I really want to see Off Road Vehicle (ORV) trails in many of our state parks in Frederick and Washington Counties.

    • kking

      I submitted your input on ORV trails to DNR’s Land Planning unit to be included in the data that is being compiled. We are also gathering input via an online survey, to be released a little later in the month.
      Thank you for contacting us!

      Karis King
      DNR Office of Communication

  • Ken

    We need more handicapped and elderly facilities for outdoor recreation.

    Especially for us to take children along when fishing or hunting.

  • Bobby Hermann

    Thank you for soliciting the public’s input. I will gladly attend the meeting in Howard County on the 6th of March to offer a presentation on Disc Golf. I am the MD state coordinator for the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), and a factory sponsored (Innova) tournament competitor. Disc Golf is a low cost, low impact recreation and sport which can be enjoyed by a very wide segment of the public. Please get in touch with me before the meeting to insure the maximum benefit to those attending. I am sure you will find having a Disc Golf presence in the park system is truly a win/win situation in which everyone comes out ahead. Thanks again.

  • George

    I’ve seen two different locations published for the Mar. 5 Western Maryland meeting: Greenbrier State Park, or Cumberland. Which is it going to be?

    • kking

      We have moved it to Cumberland, where it will stay! :) Sorry for any confusion and we look forward to hearing from you.

  • George

    I’m wondering how to prepare my thoughts. What is the format for these meetings? Will participants have an opportunity to speak? (How many minutes per person?) Or will it be a workshop format with breakdown groups? Will DNR accept detailed written statements in addition to what we say at the meeting?

    • kking

      Hi George,
      Thank you for your interest in providing meaningful comments in the drafting of Maryland’s LPRP. The meeting format is both general and with breakout groups. The project consultants will introduce themselves and give an overview of project. Depending on size of audience, attendees will be asked to introduce themselves and identify the organization/interest they represent. Questions pertaining to outdoor recreation in the state will be asked followed by breakout groups to identify specific recreational interests. At the end of the meeting, written statements will be accepted to provide everyone the opportunity to be heard.

      Land Acquisition and Planning
      Department of Natural Resources

  • David B

    I would like to see Indian Creek MWR to allow for us to drive out to fields for goose hunting. There is too much competition by hunters to get to the first two fields because it’s not reasonable to carry everything to the other back fields. Make a policy to drive out unload and then park in the designated parking lot etc.

  • Bonnie Boyle

    I would like to see more campsites that can handle larger RV’s and have electric hookups. Most of these sites are booked almost a year in advance and it is difficult to find a site when trying to plan a trip. The state of Maryland has a very small number of these sites at each campground and the current trend is larger RV’s with more features which use electric.

  • Eric

    ATV Trails! A few of us travel quite a distance to ride ATVs, something local would be great and could also bring in some extra money for the county/state!

  • Does this include soliciting feedback about the outdoor pools?

  • James Dunkerson

    I have a previous engagement for March 6, but would like to offer my input. There need to be more areas where we can ride OHV’s (4×4, ATV, UTV, motorcycle). Otherwise, we need to take our recreation dollars out of state (so. PA, WV). Also, ore opportunities to hike/climb over rougher terrain (scrambling/bouldering) would be good. Thank you.

  • Bibi Oles

    Please allow pets at campgrounds! We have been a camping family for decades. However, we never camp in Maryland State Parks–because pets are not allowed in the campgrounds. At least 2 or 3 times a year our group camps at a Delaware State Park where pets are welcome. With appropriate regulations (leashes, pickup of dogwaste, quiet hours) pets are successfully accommodated. Pets are also an asset in encouraging older folks and families to take walks, enjoy the outdoors, and actually go camping!

  • Lisa

    As an Equestrian I am always looking for trails with hills to help my horses with their fitness. The WSSC trails are great although they are now in questions as to their availability and have limited parking etc. Keeping these trails open and providing more trails like these would be an asset to the hiking and equestrian communities. Equestrians would really appreciate and use an Equestrian Park like the one in Herndon Virgina called Frying Pan Park. This park has a huge indoor arena, an outdoor arena and a huge cross country facility with a large variety of of jumps in various sizes including water jumps, ditches and banks. It is open to the public every day from 8:00 till dark. They hold recognized events each year which draw a significant amount of income. A park like this could be made at the Police Park at the Historic Woodlawn Manor in Sandy Spring, MD. They have plenty of property for a facility like this and they could also use the property they aquired across the street. Any Equestrian Park in Montgomery County would be greatly appreciated by hundreds of Equestrians. Placing one in the area of Olney or Silver Spring would be immensely beneficial to literally hundreds and hundreds of Equestrians boarding at so many of the local barns in that area. There are several huge riding facilites as well as dozens of boarding barns housing 15-40 horses that would love a facility like Frying Pan Park. Schooley Mill Park in Howard County is a nice Equestrian Park although it is very small, very little variety of jumps both in numbers and size and it is not maintained in the winter. Frying Pan is a good model to use.

    Your consideration of providing an Equestrain Park and more trails is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Jo-Ann

    more soft launches with PARKING on lakes, rivers, bays etc. for paddle sports: kayaks, canoes, SUPs and even small sailboats and kite boarders.

    Would love to see an on-line survey.

    Thank-you for seeking community/user input!

  • Nancy

    my family would like more hiking trails in the state. we hike the entire year and there is maryland is a beautiful state.

  • Donald Beveridge

    Would like to see sunday hunting for the whole state, not just private property… youth hunting days, there needs to be more of them….and the age should be moved to 16 as an upper limit for these hunts.

  • Julia Bartels

    The information about the meetings indicates that the Southern Regions meeting has already taken place. I live in Anne Arundel County and would like to see more trails for horseback riding. Does the Central Region cover Anne Arundel County? Have I missed my opportunity to participate?

    • kking

      Not to worry! You can still provide your input in a variety of ways:

      -Leave a comment on here, which will go directly to DNR’s land planning unit;
      -Stop by one of the upcoming meetings (Comments can be in regard to any county);
      -Or stay tuned. We are going to release a convenient online survey to gather public input from citizens in all counties.

      Thanks for your input on AA Co. horse trails!

  • Edgar harman

    Comments for recreational plan;

    1. Since acceable open space is decreaseing due to the population increase, it is important to maintain access to natural open space. I hunt and fish so I have those things in mind. Leaseing private property for public use is practised in some states.

    2. I don’t think that State land should not be extensely developed. Rocky gap is a case in point. To take State land and have intensive development defeats the purpose of maintaining natural area for recreational use. Unemployment should be addressed by fostering growth in the private sector. So we had a political decision to build a conferance center etc. and it has been a burden to tax payers for years. So we introduce gambling to bail out the bad decision . I suggest that we maintain our parks and state forests in as natural a condition as possible. Let the private sector do the development.

    Thank you for the oportunity to comment.
    E. Harman

  • kking

    Thank you all for the comments. Keep them coming!

    Karis King
    DNR Office of Communcation

  • Ken Lohr

    As I’m not the most comfortable public speaker, I prefer to provide my comments via written forum.

    I would like to see the continued growth of hiking and mountain biking trails in the region. Hiking, trail running, and mountain biking offer excellent exercise opportunities, and with the steadily increasing traffic density on regional roads, walking/running/biking on motorways is increasingly treachorous. Along with growth of the trail systems, facilities supporting their use: secure parking lots, bathrooms, running water. Finally, bridges for transit across water and/or perennially muddy areas, especially larger bodies of water (e.g. rivers). My wife and I purchased our house in Howard County because of easy access to the outstanding park system and the recreational opportunities the parks have to offer.

    Many thanks for the wonderful things that you do.

  • Johnny Ef

    The enforcement of regulations/rules (if already in place) of not leaving any trash at any part of the park. Last year my wife and I decided to do more grilling and hiking at Patapsco State Park- Avalon area. One could find trash mostly anywhere along the river and near the grills. This is sad because of the environmental impact to the area created by their own irresponsible visitors. If they don’t know how to take care of the parks, then let’s teach them how to by enforcing any regulations available. It is sad to go to our favorite park and find bottles of liquor, beers, etc. So close to the river.

  • Bobby Hermann

    Will the event go on regardless of the weather? Is there a number to call for up to date information?

    • kking

      Hi Bobby,
      If county offices are closed due to inclement weather, we will cancel the stakeholders meetings and reschedule it for a later date.

  • Star

    Most of the facilities I use for horseback riding are quite nice and suit my needs well. The only request I will make is for better trail maintenance in the Patapsco State Park, specifically some bridges or culverts to deal with some of the muddy areas / places where sink holes have opened or streams have cut through the trails. The recent re-routing of the trail from Woodstock heading down river is very nice, though I do like the riverside trail for its lovely views of the water.

    Also, when mountain bikers use the trails, they frequently make log piles to help them over fallen trees. Nice for them but difficult for horses. If the bikers could be encouraged to make sure their log piles are narrow or have a horse-suitable by-pass, that would help a great deal.

  • Joel Cahalan

    I would like to see an increase in non-motorized trails and strict limits on motorized trails. In my opinion the orv’s have a much larger impact and destroy the ability of others to enjoy nature.

  • Peter O’Brien

    I second Joel Cahalan in support of quiet trails to protect natural habitats for animals and people to enjoy. I opposed orv expansion into these areas.

  • Richard Reis

    Many reports show that Americans are not getting the amount of healthy exercise they need – sometime because of lack of opportunity.

    I would like to see more opportunities for active recreation that provides healthful exercise for participants, such as hiking, bicycling, and canoeing. There should no place in public parks for noisy polluting recreation, such as snowmobiles, ATVs, and personal watercraft (such as Jet-Skiis).

  • AnneA

    Please keep our state lands, our forests and our waterways free of ATVs and ORVs. These tear up the land, and then water erodes it, putting sediment into the streams. These lands can be enjoyed from natural surface hiking trails, but should then be left as the natural areas we desperately need to offset the air and water pollution we generate just by living, when there are so many of us. The idea of putting ATV trails on private land instead is a good one.

  • Paul Browne

    More outside activities; healthier kids and people. Also a danged lot of fun! We need to preserve the outdoor places and activities to help make healthier people.

  • Debby Poole

    Hi I was wondering if the March 6th meeting has been rescheduled? I know several that would like to attend. thanks Debby

  • George

    Maryland’s state parks, forests and wildlife management areas are a great place for quiet recreational activities, from hiking and picnicking to biking and horseback riding. I often enjoy the Appalachian Trail, which has a secure, quiet setting in South Mountain State Park, and other trails in Patapsco Valley and Cunningham Falls SP. Please keep ATVs and dirt bikes out of our state lands. Their erosion impacts would hurt these beautiful lands, and their noise would spoil everybody else’s visit.