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The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) charged a total of six people with various violations in Garrett, Harford, Somerset and Wicomico counties in January.

Garrett County

On January 5, Christopher Boyce, 28, of Morgantown, WV was charged with fishing without a license, a $125 fine.

On January 5, Anatolii Voronetskyi of D.C. was charged with possession of undersized walleye and possession of undersized northern pike. Both charges carry a fine of $125.

Harford County ─ On January 15, NRP charged Anthony Micucci, 52, of Forest Hill, with failing to attach and complete a game field tag before moving deer, and using a rifle in a shotgun-only county. Each violation carries a $250 fine. Micucci was also issued two warnings for unlawfully possessing a firearm while hunting deer during archery season, and failing to complete a big game harvest tag. A court date of March 6, 2013 has been set in Harford County district court.

Somerset County ─

On January 28, NRP officers charged David Corbin, 43, of Deal Island, with possessing over the daily limit of oysters, possessing unculled oysters, and failing to store oysters in an approved container prior to leaving the oyster bar.

On January 29, NRP officers charged Philip Horner, 57, of Deal Island, with possessing over the daily limit of oysters. Both men have a court date of March 12, 2013 in Somerset County district court.

Wicomico County On January 9, NRP officers caught William Calloway, 54, of Mardela Springs, breaking numerous fishing and boating laws.

Calloway was charged with the following fishing violations: Catching striped bass for sale commercially without a tidal fishing license in his possession; catching striped bass for sale commercially without an allocation card in his possession; catching striped bass for sale commercially without tags in his possession; and harvesting striped bass from a pound net during closed season.

He was also charged with the following boating violations: Boating without a sound-producing device, such as a whistle or horn; boating without a type IV personal floatation device; displaying an expired registration; and boating without a registration in his possession. A court date of March 5, 2013 is set for Wicomico County district court.

Under Governor Martin O’Malley’s leadership, increased law enforcement is part of an overall effort to deter poaching and toughen penalties for those who violate fishing laws in Maryland, under the Fisheries Management Reform Act of 2007. A noteworthy part of this effort is the launch of new enforcement initiatives and enhancements including the installation of a network of radar and camera units to assist the NRP in monitoring sensitive areas that are prone to poaching. DNR, the Office of the Attorney General and the District Court of Maryland have also expanded a successful program that sets aside specific days to try only cases dealing with natural resources violations.

Citizens are urged to call the NRP Communication Center at 800-628-9944 to report conservation violations, maritime emergencies and law enforcement issues on the Chesapeake Bay and DNR controlled lands.