DNR Welcomes Public Input on State Forest Annual Work Plans
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DNR Welcomes Public Input on State Forest Annual Work Plans

Comment Deadline February 15

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is calling on the public to help establish the best, most efficient management plan for Potomac Garrett, Green Ridge, Savage River, Chesapeake and Pocomoke State forests for 2014.

DNR invites interested citizens to comment on the proposed State forest annual work plans, which identify the work that is to be accomplished on the forest in the next fiscal year within the scope of the forest’s long-range management plan. The plans will address establishment, growth, composition, health and quality forest management operations, along with maintenance and construction projects, and other required work.

This public forum is the third step in a three-step review process to establish the work plan. The first is an internal review by a team of resource professionals from the fields of wildlife, fisheries, heritage, forestry, recreation, water resources, and resource planning. The second step is a review by an appointed advisory committee. After the period of comment, the forest manager will make final adjustments to the plan.

Participants can view the proposed 2014 fiscal year work plans at dnr.md.gov/forests/workplans/index.asp and email their comments to JPERDUE@dnr.state.md.us. Comments should reference the specific forest work plan with a page and item number so that the forest experts can understand and properly utilize the participants input. The deadline for public comment is February 15, 2013.