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DNR Names Humane Society Ecologist Conservationist of the Year

Stephanie Boyles Griffin with the Wildlife Advisory Commission, and DNR Wildlife & Heritage Director Paul Peditto, presenting Hagood’s husband, Jerry Boxman, with the award.

Friends, family and colleagues gathered to honor the life and legacy of wildlife ecologist Dr. Susan Hagood, at a ceremony on November 14 in Annapolis. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Advisory Commission named Hagood ─ who passed in November 2011 ─ Maryland Conservationist of the Year for her lifelong dedication to and accomplishments in protecting wildlife.

“She was a trusted, witty and tenacious advocate for wildlife and was a joy and inspiration to everyone who knew her,” said Stephanie Boyles Griffin, with the Wildlife Advisory Commission, who nominated Hagood.

For more than 20 years, Hagood served as wildlife specialist of the Wildlife & Habitat Protection Department at the Humane Society of the United States. During this time she championed the Give Wildlife a Brake campaign, a national outreach program focused on providing the public with safe driving guidelines in an effort to save lives and reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Hagood continued to pursue her passionate interest in mitigating human-wildlife conflict in developed areas and making people more aware of the impacts of transportation on our nation’s wildlife. From 2009 until her death, Hagood served as the Wildlife and Transportation Specialist at the Humane Society.

“The Department remains indebted to Dr. Hagood for the impact she had on real-world wildlife issues. I can only hope that others who come after her exhibit the same extraordinary dedication, enthusiasm and passion that she exemplified throughout her life,” said DNR Wildlife & Heritage Director Paul Peditto.