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More Deer on Roadways

Photo by Dwight Burdette

Deer activity is beginning to increase as these animals seek fall food supplies and enter their breeding season. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urges motorists to be alert for deer and other wildlife during this time.

In the fall, deer behavior and travel patterns become unpredictable as they search for a mate. Male deer are particularly prone to wander without concern for roadways and automobiles. Motorists need to be especially alert from sunset to dawn as deer are more active during these periods.  

DNR offers drivers the following tips to avoid a collision with a deer:

  • If a driver sees a deer standing near the road they should slow down and sound the horn to scare the deer away.
  • If a driver sees a deer crossing the road ahead, they should slow down and scan for more deer because they often travel in groups.
  • Drivers should slow down and brake to avoid hitting a deer─ but should not swerve. Swerving could cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Drivers should be extremely alert of deer in the early morning and late afternoon, since they are more active during times of low light.
  • Drivers need to drive slow and be extra cautious in areas where deer-crossing signs are posted. These warning signs indicate locations of frequent deer crossings.