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Repairs Scheduled for Casselman River Bridge

The historic Casselman River Bridge in Grantsville is scheduled to undergo repairs to address structural deterioration discovered earlier this year. Construction is set to begin on October 1 and should take about three months to complete.

“The Maryland Park Service (MPS) remains committed to preserving and protecting this unique and historic landmark,” said MPS Superintendent Nita Settina. “Once completed, the bridge will be reopened to pedestrians.”    

The parking lot for Casselman River Bridge State Park will be closed during the repair due to safety concerns and space limitations. Vehicles traveling past the park on Old Route 40 will not be affected.       

The repair work will consist of removing a section of the existing northwest wing wall and concrete deck, stabilizing the subsurface soils, and rebuilding the impacted section to a pre-damage condition. The original stones will be salvaged and used to reconstruct the wall.

The Casselman River Bridge is one of the oldest surviving bridges in the country. This 80-foot, stone-arch bridge was originally built in 1813 as part of the old National Road. At the time of its construction, theCassleman River Bridge was the longest single-span bridge in theUnited States. It served as an important transportation link until 1933, when a new steel bridge was built nearby. The bridge was closed to vehicles in 1953 and the area was later established as a State Park.

Today, the Casselman River Bridge is listed as a National Historic Landmark, and serves as a picturesque relic of Maryland’s early transportation history.